About US

THE RONG TEA™ is a proudly Australian-owned company, with our headquarters and production facilities based in Melbourne. We founded our company on a passion for tea, and our philosophy has always been to create the finest teas with exquisite nuances of colour, scent and flavour that will please every tea lover and connoisseur. Our partnership with world-renowned brands and artisans brings you the daintiest tea-ware and accessories created in harmony with nature, purity and simplicity.

*HACCP: THE RONG TEA™ is proud to be a HACCP-certified company, guaranteeing our teas’ quality and purity at every step of our production process.


Loving Our Planet

We are grateful for the gifts that Mother Nature provides and dedicated to ensuring the conservation of the earth’s precious natural resources for future generations to come. Our company has committed to safe and sustainable business practices, We strive to use packaging that can be appreciated as art pieces in their own right and can be reused in many different ways. Ensuring our packaging gets a second life is how we show our love for the planet – and we get to remain a small part of our customers’ lives for a bit longer!

Tea, The Elixir of Life

This beautiful jewel-coloured beverage has known for thousands of years as “the elixir of life”. There is nothing like a fragrant, freshly brewed cup of tea to soothe, refresh and delight your body and soul.

We source our tea from some of the finest tea-producing plantations globally, including boutique and small farms. Our award-winning Tea Master constantly strives to ensure the teas we source are the finest of any region and selected only premium grade tea leaves from the tea plants’ uppermost shoots. Sign up to join our Discovery Club, and be the first to enjoy our rare and delicate cup.

Empowering Communities

We source our teas directly from cooperatives in tea-growing communities. Fair trade practices not only benefit farmers and their families but also lowers production costs. Also, we donate part of our profits back to the charity to give back to these communities and care for their well-being and honour the people who dedicate their lives to bringing us the perfect cup of tea.